The Spring 2014 Collection

The Spring 2014 Collection

The heat is on in Austin. Check out our spring lineup!

Giorgio Brutini Spring '14 from Giorgio Brutini on Vimeo.

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New Grooves

New Grooves

Warm weather is on the way, and so is a crop of albums to be excited about. We're calling the hits you won't want to miss.

G I R L - Pharrell

via Culture Pocket

Forever young and always well-dressed, Pharrell is on a roll in his latest album "G I R L". The highly-anticipated album lives up to the hype, including early-favorite "Gust of Wind" ft. Daft Punk, so give it a listen if you haven't already and see what's making everyone so Happy.

Souled Out - Jhene Aiko
Releases May 2014

via Hype Trak

While her claim to fame might be the hook for Drake's track "From Time", Jhene will soon be releasing her own solo R&B album, "Souled Out". The early buzz is that the album is set to deliver, and with her previous EP ("Sail Out" - above) as good as it was, we have a good feeling about this up-and-coming artist's studio album.

Electrum Plectrum - Prince

via Last FM

Yes, we're still waiting for this album despite promises it would be out late last year. Blame his special guest appearance on the post-Super Bowl episode of "New Girl" for whetting our appetite, but we're not giving up on this yet. As some of his many fans will attest, Prince is worth the wait - eccentricities and all.


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Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Ready

It's Oscar season, which means two things: heated debates over who should win, and serious red carpet style.

Fortunately, this year's male nominees have their fashion game locked down. Take a look!

Bradley Cooper - American Hustle

Via Esquire

Leonardo DiCaprio - The Wolf of Wall Street

Via Motel Rocks

Matthew McConaughey - Dallas Buyers Club

Via Just Jared


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In case you're feeling inspired - complete your award-worthy look with some of our most popular styles, now on sale.

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He Is Galla (Part 2)

He Is Galla (Part 2)

We continue our conversation with style blogger extraordinaire Adam Gallagher, and talk shoes, inspiration, and enduring style advice.

If you're just joining us, you can find Part 1 here.

Finding Inspiration

AG: I don’t know what to wear today….

GB: That’s probably not something most people would expect you to ever say.
AG: [Laughing] It happens! I’m looking through some stuff, feel kinda stuck.

GB: So what do you to get yourself “unstuck"? Could you take us through your thought process there? 
AG: I get unstuck by…I almost don’t know the answer to that question. [Pause] I have to take a step back…I have to [ask a] question to myself like “What are you going to regret not wearing today? What will you miss wearing?” Then I usually have my answer, and I go with that to start off with.


On Shoes & Giorgio Brutini

GB: What makes Giorgio Brutini special unique among shoe brands?
AG: They’re already a really strong voice in the industry, from here on out whatever they do will be influential. They’re very open-minded. They want to grow. They want to keep evolving. I definitely think other companies should emulate [being as open-minded], take that into consideration. 

Also, I like that I can style their shoes with a lot of different looks and outfits.

GB: What’s your favorite Giorgio Brutini shoe?
AG: My favorite is the [Halock] contrasting saddle oxfords. They’re on the casual side, but you can do a day to night [outfit] with them, which is always nice for men.

GB: What are some of the most common mistakes you see men making when it comes to shoes?
AG: The most obvious one is that they don’t know how to style it. Most men think they can wear loafers to work or formal events…they don’t pair them right. A lot of men wear sports shoes when they should be wearing loafers. I don’t think men have really grasped how each shoe has its own place.

We also tend to get a little too comfortable with our shoes. The majority of people they only have a couple shoes and try to wear them everywhere, but it doesn’t mean every shoe we have is perfect for every occasion.

GB: What do you look for in a shoe?  
AG: Personally? I look for comfort and looks. 

GB: In that order?
AG: [Laughs] Looks before comfort! I like edgier shoes. It’s a little hard to describe what I’m looking for…I just see it and know which one it is. The shoe I want depends on the occasion.

Parting Advice

GB: You’ve given everyone a lot to think about. Can you give us three universal, instant upgrades for any man?
AG: Sure. The first and biggest thing is to have an inspiration in your head. Whether it’s a person you’re inspired by or a brand, just having inspiration before you execute will go a long way.

The second thing would be to be realistic and appropriate for your lifestyle. If you have a casual job, you can wear athletic shoes. If you work in finance, you’ll want to wear oxfords more. Just knowing what type of shoe is appropriate for the right context makes everything much easier.

The third and last one: just ask yourself what would Brad Pitt do. (Laughs.) Alright. It would have to be…stay true to yourself. 

Oh, and pick stuff that fits. Nothing is worse than an ill-fitted suit or oversized t-shirt. That’s four, but it’s a good bonus! 

GB: We love a good bonus. Thanks for your time, Adam.

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The Dapper Man Gift Guide II

The Dapper Man Gift Guide II

These gifts would make any man just a little bit more thankful this holiday season. If you missed Part I, you can find it here.

Todd Snyder x Champion Sweatshirt

$130 - Oatmeal Pocket Sweatshirt

Wheelmen & Co. Folding Travel Kit

$99 - Folding Travel Kit Oak 

Barbour Masham Glove

$40 - Masham Glove Black

Giorgio Brutini Oxfords

$85 - Halen - 6 colors

Bonus: Get 30% off the Halen + free shipping with code BLK30.

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The Dapper Man Gift Guide

The Dapper Man Gift Guide

Offered without comment - an affordable holiday gift guide for the dapper man in your life. Even if that man happens to be you.

Rossling & Co Watch

$149 - Silver and White

Warby Parker x Beck Eyeglasses

$95 - Songreader

 Club Monaco Chino

$90 - Dress Chino

Giorgio Brutini Oxfords

$95 - Darth - 2 colors 

BONUS: Get 30% off + free shipping on the Darth and our other styles with code BLK30.


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He Is Galla (Part 1)

He Is Galla (Part 1)

We sat down with Adam Gallagher - style blogger extraordinaire - to see what makes one of Instagram's most fashionable men tick.

A Little History
Giorgio Brutini: Great to be speaking with you. Could you tell us a little about how you became interested in fashion?

Adam Gallagher: It’s been very organic since I was a kid. In elementary school I would refuse to leave the house if my outfit didn’t coordinate. It was never like “ooh I like fashion I guess I’ll start doing it more”. Growing up, I was just into nice clothes. I was already into it, always have been.
GB: When did you know you wanted to be a fashion blogger?

AG: That also came right after high school, the exact same month I graduated high school in June 2009. I was looking for other ways to showcase my style, because once you graduate no one cares what you look like. So I looked around the Internet, found and and thought “I can do that too”. I started my own thing, and have just been fortunate enough to grow since then.
GB: What was the hardest part of starting your blog?

AG: Probably the diligence, keeping up with it. I can’t tell you how many times I changed my post rhythm. I started with a post a day, but it was just too hard to keep’s too unrealistic. I think you compromise the quality of your posts when you have that many. So I’d say the hardest part was the finding the rhythm of my blog and when to post.
GB: Who are your fashion inspirations? Who are your style icons? 
AG: I’m very classic. Frank Sinatra. Marlon Brando. James Dean.
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things
GB: What’s your favorite food?

AG: Italian food in general, but I really like pizza and pasta. Moving to New York has only escalated my affinity for Italian food.
GB: Can’t really argue with pizza. What’s your favorite?
AG: I like Margheritas!
GB: How about your favorite color?

AG: Burgundy. I think it looks best on my skin tone, so I wear a lot of it. I think it’s a warm color, it’s very inviting, very attractive on different things, whether furniture or clothing. It’s just really attractive.
GB: Do you have any favorite musicians or artists?

AG: I like Ben Gibbard. He’s a singer/songwriter for Death Cab for Cutie and is one half of The Postal Service. He’s more modern. Elliot Smith
and Frank Sinatra are classics.
GB: Sinatra, huh? What’s your favorite Frank Sinatra song?
AG: [It] would have to be "Come Fly With Me".
Going Deeper
GB: Great song. Could you give us three things people can’t tell about you just by looking at you?

AG: That’s a pretty tough question. [pauses]
First off, I would definitely say I’m kind of a dork. A lot of people think I’m really put together, and it’s not something they could tell on the outside. I’m also really athletic. I’m really skinny, so no one ever thinks of that when they look at me...One thing, right? I eat a lot! I eat like every day is Thanksgiving. Those would probably be my three.
GB: What do you hate the most?

AG: I hate loud noises. Loud anything. Car horns, really obnoxious loud people....loud anything bugs me. I’m just more of a quiet person. I don’t think the amount of sound should intensify things so much. It’s just not necessary to be [that] loud. It’s really attention grabbing and annoying.
GB: What does your morning routine look like?

AG: Well it’s hard when you’re your own boss. You have to kick your own ass. I’ll wake up, go to the gym, eat breakfast, get to blogging after, go to work afterwards, catching up on emails. Then...well actually, that’s afternoon already. I don’t think I need to go much further than that.
Fashion According To Adam
GB: How would you describe your personal style?

AG: Bipolar? (Laughs) It’s ever changing, but I’d say more dapper than anything...more formal than dapper, with a little bit of edge.
GB: How do you go about putting together your outfits?

AG: I like to style around one piece, because if I try to accommodate a number of pieces at once it can get crazy. I start with one piece I have a lot of confidence in, then add supporting pieces. I feel thats the key to pulling together a great outfit. Just go one at a time.
GB: Could you describe your favorite outfit for us?

AG: Leather jacket, white dress shirt, black skinny jeans, black suede boots.
GB: Okay, hypothetical question. Your wardrobe is going up in flames. What do you save?

AG: [Pause] My leather jacket.
GB: Similar question - you can steal anything from another person’s wardrobe. What do you take?

AG: [Laughing] Everything! 


Check back next week for part 2!

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Silver Screen Style II

Silver Screen Style II

Another look at the dapper men who influence our style, time after time.

Don't have time? Our newest styles are now 30% off when you buy 2 or more! Use code RUSH30.

George Clooney

Via Pin Stripe Mag


Via Vanity Fair

Sean Connery


Via Celebrity Net Worth

Via Ffffound

Brad Pitt


Via PopCrunch


Via Bliss Taylor

Bonus: The Drummond - Refined and Sporty

Drummond - 3 colors - $75


Like any of the A-list actors and style icons above, the Drummond is an intriguing mix of athleticism, elegance - and masculinity.

Did we miss your favorites? Let us know on Facebook and remember to use code RUSH30 for 30% off any 2 full-price items or more!



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Silver Screen Style

Silver Screen Style

A great outfit needs an inspiration - and these dapper leading men have been lighting that spark for generations. 

Frank Sinatra

Via Doctor Macro

Via Arts-Wallpapers

Marlon Brando

Via Marshall Matlock

Via Lol Jam

James Dean

Via The Berry

Via TV Tropes

BONUS: The Driscoll, A Modern Classic 

Driscoll - 2 colors - $75


Sometimes, you just get it right the first time. The Driscoll wouldn't be out of place on the feet of any of these stars - or yours.

We've only listed a few of our favorite stars, but we know there's plenty more. Did we miss yours? Let us know on Facebook, Tumblr, or in the comments!

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The 3 Essential Ties For Every Man

The 3 Essential Ties For Every Man

Ties are an important part of any man's wardrobe, but not all ties are created equal. These ties are the foundation of an enviable tie collection.

Striped Ties

Via Castagnino

Pin Dot Ties

via CT Shirts

Solid Ties

Via Hermes

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