An All-American Crooner

Many people go their whole lives searching for a way to completely, successfully and happily define themselves to others. Brian Newman needs just one word.

He croons.

Give the man a trumpet, a microphone and stand back. If he wasn't recently engaged, we'd recommend you also keep an eye on your girl. The dude's music melts people, starting at the knees.

He's got the look, too. Elegant and refined, yet contemporary and chic. Brian labels himself traditional jazz while he sports a sleeve of tattoos and plays alongside Lady Gaga. He's a hybrid of wonderful contradictions.

Brian was recently interviewed by New York Times' T Magazine about his style - music and fashion. He clearly loves his history and knows how to pay his respects.

"Nowadays, everybody thinks they have style," he said. "But style is not always the clothes you wear on your back and who produced your record. It's the way you carry yourself, how you make music in an honest way and how you handle everyday life as a human being."


"I feel my best when I'm dressed to the nines. Even when I'm not playing, I always like to dress the way a man should be dressed - clean lines, great fabric and honesty in your own style."

Of course, every well-dressed man needs a good-looking shoe to pull it all together. And where does Brian turn for his shoes?

"My favorite shoe on the planet is a Giorgio Brutini calfskin boot with a Cuban heel," he said. "I am truly a huge fan of Giorgio Brutini! I have been wearing your boots for over 10 years now.

"The Blackjack in gray are beautiful and the Calloway classic black has always been my favorite. Loving the new Vaughn style as well!"

We want to thank Brian for his kind words and appreciate his loyalty throughout the years. We've included his favorite shoes below for you to see for yourself. Make sure to listen here to his latest album "Brian Newman: Live From New York City".

Blackjack in Gray

Calloway in Black

Vaughn in Antique Tan

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