Dashing Details: Spotlight on Pocket Squares

We've previously profiled the dashingly detailed qualities of cufflinks. Now, we turn our focus to the pocket square, which is anything but square. It’s a fashion accessory that lights up an outfit, if not an entire room, adding unmistakable zing.

We like to think of pocket squares as the necktie's boisterous younger brother. They can be the life of the party without hogging all the attention. They garner respect without being overly serious. In fact, they're just plain fun.

Check out our favorites looks with pocket squares below.

1. Classic white

A white pocket square with a classic flat fold is fit for any affair. It adds finesse without flamboyance, so it's something of a staple if you plan to wear pocket squares often. And how could you not?

2. Complement your tie

This one takes a little more thought. The pocket square should include the same dominant colors of your tie, but shouldn't look like an exact copy. Make sure it has a pattern of its own. If you like to mix patterns, you'll love this styling technique.

3. Throw 'em a curveball

Zig where they zag. Hit it where they ain't. In other words, diverge completely.

Break color and pattern boundaries by choosing a pocket square that’s totally different from the rest of your outfit. You might worry that it's too distracting, but then, that's kind of the point....

4. Three points

Folded with three points, this dapper pocket square style exudes confident, especially when you choose a vibrant, bright color. We recommend bold colors against neutral tones, like this yellow on heather grey. So slick.

5. Contrasting colors

If you’re not into the points but want a little texture to your fold, try a pocket square with a contrast lining. Just another example of the simple details making all the difference.

The fold, the fabric, the pattern, the color - you have lots of choices when it comes to styling with a pocket square. Wear it right, wear it confidently, and it’ll be your wardrobe's secret weapon.

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