Gifts For Dad

We put together a quick list of sure-fire gifts for Dad that doesn't include cigars, something golf-related, or something tacky. Shocking, right!?

Sartorial Black Watch

The watch as functional, necessary device is obsolete. The watch as stylish accessory is still doing just fine, thank you. This particular timepiece is sleek, modern and available in 6 solid colors. Basic, but not boring. Just like dad!

Jenis Ice Cream

Does Pops have a sweet tooth? Grab him a special collection of intriguing, unique ice cream flavors from Jenis, a boutique manufacturer of amazing desserts. Whiskey & pecans, plum sake sorbet, juniper and lemon curd - have you heard of anything better than infusing alcohol flavor into ice cream? Dad is sure to love it.

Bocce Ball Set

So maybe the bocce ball is a little corny. More than likely, though, so is tu padre. That's why he'll love it: dreams of grilling corn on cob while sipping craft beer in the backyard with his family as everyone enjoys a peaceful game of bocce ball together. Reality, not guaranteed.

Craft Coffee

Everybody loves coffee, some more dependently than others. Save Dad from another same-old-same-old trip to Starbucks with a subscription to Craft Coffee, which delivers a monthly assortment of artisan coffees from around the world. You don't realize how much better than your average cup of joe it can get until you've tried Craft Coffee. Take our word for it.

Giorgio Brutini Shoes


Cassiter in Tan


Cappell in Black


Canner in Tan

Chattam in Black Leather

Whether your dad's a stylish dude or he still wears beat-up crewneck sweaters from his college days, the fact remains that he needs new shoes every now and again. These styles are versatile and sleek; he can wear them with anything and always look good. Is Dad a loafer or oxford kinda guy? If he's shopping with Giorgio Brutini, he's got options. So grab him a pair of new shoes and tell him how much you love him. He'll be smiling ear to ear.

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